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Kaikodo LLC

Qilian Limestone “Bridge”
Length: 53.5 cm (21 in.)
Height: 37.5 cm. ( 14 3/4 in.)
Depth: 22.2 cm. (8 3/4 in.)

$20,000 USD

The source of this stone was the Qilian mountains, located in Gansu and Qinghai, the closest of its diverse local relatives similarly black and shiny, with orange and brown inclusions, wrinkled surfaces, and sometimes with bead-like surface nodules. Qilianshan stones came into vogue when the hallowed lingbi limestone favored for “scholars’ rocks” became scarce already in the 17th century. When we collaborated with Chambers Fine Art for our Asia Week exhibitions during the Spring of 2019, exchanging some works to enhance each other’s shows, little did we expect that our eccentric stone would find a consummate resting place at Chambers in worlds past and present. The image here shows the “bridge” stone in front of a haunting photograph of a Han-dynasty tomb entryway, the stone reaching as it were into the past.  It was in fact surrounded by images of these ancient places by the visionary contemporary Chinese American photographer, Taca Sui.  However, not only was the setting contemporary, the stone too appeared altogether modern, in its expressive contortions, like those of a modern dancer, up to date in its sleek material, even sassy, despite its antiquity greater than any “art” with which we are surrounded.