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Kawase Hasui (1883-1957)
Ochanomizu, from the series 20 Views of Tokyo
Japanese Color Woodblock Print
39 x 26.1 cm.

$13,000 USD

Tokyo nij√Ľke, Ochanomizu. A blizzard transforms an ordinary view to an extraordinary one, with blowing gusts of snow masterfully rendered by the printer and blockcarver. Narazaki puts it best: “A view from the bridge over the Ochanomizu, a tributary of the Kanda River: a boat has come to a halt in the squalls during a blizzard, a row of houses is situated on the opposite bank.” From the series “20 Views of Tokyo”, with the earliest Watanabe seal for this design. Chosen as the cover image for an edition of Hasui’s catalogue raisonn√© (Brill, 2003) and this exact work was published in the Japanese publication Collection of Works by Kawase Hasui by Hisao Shimizu, pg. 60 (Tokyo Art Co, 2013).