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Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints

Torii Kotondo (1900-1975)
Combing the Hair (Kamisuki)
Japanese Color Woodblock Print
46.8 x 29.6 cm
1st Edition


A nude beauty applies a comb to her long tresses, The rounded contours of her body are given volume with soft pink and her outlines have been blindprinted with no pigment, in contrast with the baren-produced (baren-sujizuri) texture of the background. She appears ethereal yet grounded. We assume that she is in a bath house, as the background seems misty and her pink glow the result of the steam. The title is embossed at the bottom. Numbered 136 out of 200 on the paper seal, verso; this is from the first edition published by Kawaguchi and Sakai in 1929. A second edition was printed by Kawaguchi in about 1930. Due to the design’s rarity and popularity there was a contemporary reprint created in the 2000s by a Japanese publisher, but it is to be considered an homage to this work. This example is in unusually fine condition, with no fading or toning; mint.